Survey, 93% of Albanians Want EU Integration
Albanian Daily News
Published May 6, 2019
A survey realized by the European Union Delegation in Tirana, shows that 93% of Albanians support the country's EU membership.
The survey findings were presented this Monday by the EU Ambassador in Tirana, Luigi Soreca, in the framework of the opening of the European Week.
During his speech, Soreca stressed that Albanians love the EU and that according to him the European Union's focus in Albania is the future of the country, youth.
"Our goal is to implement full reforms. Youth is the future of the country. The EU delegation was organized to create space for dialogue, high schools and universities. Every meeting we have made has been exchanges and discoveries," said Soreca.
According to the survey published by the European Union Delegation in Tirana, the support of Albanian citizens to the EU since 2014 has been growing. Albanian citizens have a positive opinion on how the EU treats Albania and according to them, the conditions set by the EU for Albania are good.
Present at the opening of the European Week was also the Acting Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, Gent Cakaj who said that Europe is the natural Albanian state.
"The European character of Albania is not determined by the calendar organization, but by its historical experience, the inalienable cultural content and its major political ambition," stressed Cakaj.

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