Political Situtation, Bishops' Conference of Albania Appeals for Dialogue
Albanian Daily News
Published May 14, 2019
The Catholic bishops of Albania gave a declaration this Tuesday following the current political situation Albania is going through.
Gathered at the Fifty-fifth Ordinary General Assembly of the Bishops' Conference of Albania on May 13-14, following with great concern and regret the current situation that our country is experiencing, we the Catholic bishops of Albania state the following:
"We call on all political leaders in Albania, especially leaders of the two major parties: Prime Minister Edi Rama and opposition leader Lulzim Basha to stop the conflict, involving language of hatred and arrogance, and to find it the path of dialogue. We appeal to citizens to give up any form of violence and vandalism. Whoever uses violence and vandalism does not love the homeland! In this situation, we firmly say NO DAMAGE, whether it comes from protesters or when it is an arbitrary expression of institutions. We, based on the social doctrine of the Church and the tradition of the Catholic Church in Albania, will always be on the side of ordinary people who want to live peacefully, free from violence, corruption, criminality, unemployment and the obligation to leave the country for better conditions.
We are and will be for a democratic Albania, where institutions are respected and where the institutions and people who lead them, respect the people and the laws and work for everyone.
We reiterate with our European partners that it is high time to send the world a clear message that Albania and the Albanians are capable of resolving conflicts in a peaceful and democratic way.

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