Homage Ceremony in Honor of Fallen Major
Albanian Daily News
Published May 16, 2019
Homage ceremony in honor of Major Klodian Tanushi, who lost his life in the Latvian Camp Adazi, following a mine explosion, is being held at the National History Museum.
Minister of Defense, Olta Xhacka, proclaimed Major Klodian Tanushi "Martyr of the Homeland", fallen in the line of duty.
Following the procession, Major Klodian Tanushi will be taken to his final home at the "Martyrs' Cemetery".
"The Council of Ministers honored Major Klodian Tanushi, who died in the line of duty during the NATO mission in Latvia, announcing this Thursday, May 16, 2019, a national mourning day. In honor of Major Tanus, commander of the Albanian contingent in Latvia, on Thursday, in all public and private institutions, the Albanian flag will be lowered to half-staff," as stated in the decision of the Council of Ministers.
The explosion of a mine in the "Adazi" camp of Latvia took the lives of two Albanian Armed Forces officials, Zarife Hasanaj and Klodian Tanushi, who was commander of the Albanian contingent.
Major Tanushi passed away four days after the serious event in one of Latvia's hospitals due to multiple injuries.

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