Attorney Says Meta's Dismissal Is not 'About President'
Albanian Daily News
Published August 5, 2019
Peter Lumaj, a prominent attorney in US, former senatorial candidate and a major supporter of President Donald Trump, has spoken in an interview about the grave crisis in Albania, the June 30 elections and on the issue of Ilir Meta's dismissal from the Socialist majority.
Regarding the grave political crisis in the country and the necessity for a final solution, Lumaj says that Albania has no more time to waste.
"Political parties must either choose Albania and its citizens, or leave and pave the way for the younger generation, who love the country and not Politics and who are educated in the west.
I have mentioned it many times: it is imperative that the Albanian Diaspora, especially in the US and Canada, make the most of its contribution, either through direct participation, to become part of the governing structures and the right to vote, even though are far from the country.
The right of vote must be incorporated into the constitutional changes that will occur as a result of the electoral system changes," Lumaj proposes.
Lumaj spoke even about the procedures that were recently initiated by the Socialist majority in the Parliament for the dismissal of President Meta.
"You can be convinced that this is not about the president's job. The idea of rushing must come to an end once and for all, before we say: Let us dismiss him. It's a bad precedent.
I have read the Constitution, but I do not find Meta to have flagrantly violated it. If you read Article 92/gj carefully, the President sets the date for the General and Local Elections as well as for Referendums.
Throughout the Constitutional provision, there is no section prohibiting the right to repeal his Decree.
In these conditions when the Constitutional Court is absent, no other institution has any authority to interpret the Constitution and the Presidential Decree.
In no case will it force win, but only reason. Force may win temporarily, but it does not last long.
Those who take such steps always regret. In the current situation, the Albanian Parliament should not take such steps. This would remove the crisis.
In Albania, institutions have to recognize their jurisdictions," Lumaj declared.

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