Albania to Export Livestock in Saudi Arabia
Albanian Daily News
Published September 5, 2019
Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Bledi Cuci received this Thursday an Arab delegation led by Saudi Arabia Kingdom's Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Ahmed Saleh Al Khamshi so as to discuss about enhancing trade cooperation between the two countries.
This trade is to consist of exporting livestock, lambs and goats, fruit and vegetables, export of alfalfa and aquaculture products to Saudi Arabia.
On the other hand, Arab side expressed particular interest in expanding the walnut market in Albania, while it was agreed to establish a joint commission for the recognition of halal certification procedures and then an agreement will be signed between the two ministries.
Furthermore, Minister Cuci didn't fail to acknowledge a history of trade between Saudi Arabia and Albania, adding that now is the opportunity to increase cooperation, especially in the field of export of agricultural and livestock products.
"In the past, we have had a history of trade exchanges between the two countries, but it has not been in sufficient levels. Now are all opportunities for us to increase cooperation especially in the field of export of agricultural and livestock products. Agriculture and rural development is one of the key sectors in the Albanian economy. We have the capacities and this is the moment to intensify trade rapports", said Minister Cuci.

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