THANK YOU for the Ray of Hope in Darkness
By By Alqi Kociko, Editor-in-Chief
Albanian Daily News
Published November 28, 2019
There is no more nefarious feeling than helplessness. And this feeling is no stronger in a man' guts than in the case of natural disasters. In the midst of the tragedies brought on by nature's caprices, none can create the feeling of a treacherous, fast, sudden, and deadly blow than the earthquake.

This feeling of powerlessness and surrender, this solitude in front of nature's frenzy, was somewhat relieved in those days. For truth's sake, far more than 'somewhat'. Because we will continue to suffer the consequences of this tragedy, but in dark days like these, Albania realized that it was not alone.

Hoping I'm not sounding pathetic, let's look at some of the details that many of us won't probably notice during these busy, stressful hours.

We received a light-speed help from Kosovo brothers, perhaps even sooner than the modest Albanian structures themselves could be ready. First aid structures, the military, the emergency units, civilian population. Who would have thought that Kosovo and Serb firefighters would work side by side to get Albanian victims out of the rubble?

Doesn't it sooth your heart to see the miraculous Greek emergency teams in Thumana and Durres switch shifts with Turkish units?

It is therefore necessary to see hope in depression, to see the light in the midst of darkness, and to see the good in a world that often seems filled with evil, insecurity and chaos.

These days Albania, which still has a lot of problems to solve, is realizing it was not alone in this trial. We cannot thank enough the friends of Italy, France, Romania, Greece, Turkey, Croatia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Serbia, North Macedonia and many others for this prompt, professional, sincere and humane assistance.

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